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Other Poems by Blantyre Folk

Here is a collection of Poems by Blantyre Folk…

Milheugh Falls Rotten Calder

The Patriot – Brian Cummiskey

City of Heartbreak

City of Heartbreak – Jimmy Whelan

School Run Mum

School Run Mum – Drew Semple

Ghost of Elvis

Ghost of Elvis-Drew Semple

Unhappy Holiday

Unhappy Holiday – Jimmy Whelan


Second Chance –
Jimmy Whelan

An Alcoholic’s Tale

An Alcoholic’s Tale –
Lon McIlwraith

Wellington Star

Wellington Star –
Lon McIlwraith

The Last Resort, a poem about litter on snow capped mountains by Brian Cummiskey

The Last Resort – Brian Cummiskey

Alternative Christmas Time

Alternative Christmas time – Jimmy Whelan

Any singer, any song

Any Singers, Any Songs? – Anon

The Ragman

The Ragman – Anon


The Old Wreckers Ball

The Old Wreckers Ball – Brian Cummiskey

The Special One

The Special One – Jimmy Whelan


My Dream of Scotland – Duncan Slater

An Old Glasgow Poem

An Old Glasgow Poem – Anon

The Little Men At The End Of The Platform

The Little Men At The End
Of The Platform –
Brian Cummiskey

Drookit!!! - Brian Cummiskey

Drookit!!! – Brian Cummiskey

I Remember The Cheese Of My Childhood...

I Remember The Cheese
Of My Childhood…
Sent in by Duncan Slater

A Poem Worth Reading

A Poem Worth Reading

Bedway Colliery No 9 now to be seen at Summerlee.

A Place Now Gone

The Campsie Hills

The Campsie Hills

Scottish Christmas

Christmas Fairy

Canada, Scotland Flag

My Two Homes

If you have any Poems… Send them to Bill

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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