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My Dream of Scotland


I left behind my days of toil,
To step once more on Scottish soil
I saw my loved ones faces clear
And oh the joy to clasp them near

Once more among familiar scenes
The cozy fire, the hearth that gleams
Everything the same old way
As though I’d never been away

Once more a happy carefree girl
Who loved to hear the bagpipes skirl
As kilted Gordon’s had their drill
And marched upon the castle hill

The ships, the sea, the golden sand
And castles built with two small hands
The lighthouse in the distance far
Guiding the boats to harbour bar

And now my dream has passed away
I wake to greet another day
In this new land across the sea
Which also is a home for me

A spacious country wild and grand
With miles and miles of timberland
But always in my heart will be
Fond love for Scotland, so dear to me.

Sent in by Duncan Slater, Canada


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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