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The Last Resort

The Last Resort, a poem about litter on snow capped mountains by Brian Cummiskey

Dear Ranulph, I’ve read of your adventures,
in the Himalayan news,
And you seem like the type of chap,
with whom I’d like to share my views.

You see: my mountain home is now a playground,
it’s become a tourist trap,
And as each new expedition packs up to leave,
they leave behind this and that.

I no longer frighten your kind away,
with giant footprints in the snow,
And anyway, I’m getting much too old,
I’m a 1001 you know.

So I really would appreciate,
if you would let those mountain men know
That if they leave anything behind them:
Let it be their footprints in the snow.

Yours faithfully

The Yeti

By Brian Cummiskey

Co/ BC/2012


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