The Old Wreckers Ball

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The Old Wreckers Ball

The Old Wreckers Ball

Corsairs and Zephyrs were piled high
Once proud cars…. That caught your eye
Their former glory turned to rust
As they gathered amongst the dust

The wreck of a Ford Cortina
Its paintwork all flaked away
Sat beside a Vauxhall Victor
In the fading light of day

Austin vans with windows smashed
Ford Anglia’s with interiors slashed
A Jaguar that has seen better days
All broken down… in a dusty haze

Imps and Beetles, Hunters too
A Humber Hawk, painted blue
All waiting there turn in the queue

The king of the road had come to die
Their headlights reaching for the sky
Taken to their final rest
By the owners who knew… they were past their best

A real sad sight, it filled your eyes
To see those cars with a rusty disguise
Gathered there…. One and all
Piled high at the “Old Wreckers Ball”.



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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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