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Keir Hardie
Keir Hardie

In politics, Scotland was to see a rise in various labour movements. Weavers held a strike in Glasgow and the west of Scotland in 1812. Radicals called for a Scottish government but were crushed by troops at Falkirk in 1820. The Scottish Reform Act of 1832 led to 64,000 Scots having the right to vote.

Five cotton spinners were transported in 1838 for belonging to a worker’s association. Chartist support was also strong in Scotland around this time. 1853 saw the formation of the National Association for the Vindication of Scottish Rights, and in 1859 work began on the Wallace monument. The Scottish Office in Whitehall opened in 1887.

One of the most important political events was the founding of the Scottish Labour Party by Keir Hardie, a forerunner of the modern Labour Party. He became the first Labour MP in 1892, and in 1893, the Independent Labour Party was formed. 1894 saw the formation of the Scottish Grand Committee to debate Scottish issues, and in 1897 the STUC (Scottish Trades Union Congress) was founded.

Mr Hardie was such an influence in Blantyre and local Politics that a Street was named after him, Hardie Street.


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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