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My Two Homes

Canada, Scotland Flag

It is many years since I
Took flight across the sky
To a new home far away into the west,
Where the land is wide and free
As the distance o’er the sea,
Where my kin-folk gave me greetings of the best.

I regret I left behind
Many kin-folk, good and kind
And good friends who showered blessings on my way
In the hope that I would find
Happiness and peace of mind
Then return to see them all, some other day.

Yet, I’m only one of scores
Of the Scots who left their shores
And there’s some who had to work both day and night
For two countries they have built
Strong and Scottish as the kilt.

From my home in Canada
To my home is Auld Scotia
Where the rivers, glens and mountains meet the sea
Where the golden eagle cries
From its kingdom in the skies
I will ever call my Scotland dear to me.

Sent in by Betty McGaulley

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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