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 Wellington Star

Wellington Star
M.V. Wellington Star by Wallace Trickett ©2011

In fifty-two from John Brown’s slip
They launched a sleek and shapely ship
She kissed the Clyde on her first dip
The winsome Welly Star

She stayed a while in Clyde’s embrace
They dressed her up, put on her face
When all was done she left the place
To sea went Welly Star

Full soon she got her engineer
Young Billy Mac maintained her gear
His touch sustained her all the year
Silk smooth was Welly Star

Around the whole world seven times
She sailed with Billy, in her prime
Through tropic heat and cooler climes
Serene was Welly Star

But Billy left her, three years on
His time was done and he was gone
Home to a wife, and soon a son
And lost his Welly Star

Lon McIlwraith
Copyright 2013


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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