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The Campsie Hills

I have had these two poems shut away in a folder for some time now, which is a waste when they could be up for all to see and share.

One of the poems is about Bedlay, the other the Campsie Hills.  I’m not sure if these two places are of interest to you or not.  My aunt sent me these as my g grandfather James Cairns was a miner and lived in one of the mining villages.  I’m not sure if it was Glenboig, Bedlay or Annithill, but I have no doubt that the spirit of one was equally matched in the others

My aunt mentions, that Jock Carmichael, who owned the buses, was a VC winner in the First World War, something that should be remembered if nothing else.

I hope you enjoy them

All the best

Gordon Steele


The Campsie Hills

The Campsie Hills

In Summer mornings when to my toil,
From thoughts of Winter I recoil,
When darkness, rain and fog distills,
To obliterate those Campsie Hills.

Now I can view this lovely range,
Since youthful days they never change,
Pride and content within me fills,
To live beside those Campsie Hills.

With sunshine shadows from the East,
Changing contours – an artist’s feast,
And void of hypocritical frills,
Those friendly, homely Campsie Hills.

That worthy halo, the Meikle Ben,
A loving gift, as was this pen,
My life companion sharing thrills,
The excitement of those Campsie Hills.

Would it be an ugly sight,
This grand scenery in full flight,
The awful thought in my head mills,
If I didn’t have those Campsie Hills.

No more do I ever wish to roam,
The greatest view is from Ramoan,
A pleasure that requires no skills,
To scan those wonder Campsie Hills.

William McDonald


p.s. Gordon’s GG Grandfather, David Logan and later by his daughter Mary Logan Steele, owned the Pub at Kirkton Cross. The Pub was known as Steele’s Pub and is now the Cornerstone. see more here.

Photo by kind permission of Andy Peutherer of Scottish Landscaping.


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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