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The Special One

The Special One

Oh for to be so blessed
Is to have a loving mother
Always there to care for you
For there can be no other

Like the scent of a beautiful rose
A mother’s love is strong
Always there to comfort you
In times of right or wrong

Like the courage of a lion
A mother’s love is sincere
Always there to help you
Conquer all your fears

Like the lovely summer sunshine
A mother’s love is warm
Always there to shelter you
In any unplanned storm

Like the morning dew in March
A mother’s love so sweet
Always there to cuddle up to
To make you feel complete

Now you know that you’ve been blessed
With your loving caring mother
Cherish her with all your heart
For there will be no other.

Jimmy Whelan 2010


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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