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Auld Lanarkshire

This video is over 30 minutes long and is a valuable resource for local history buffs.

kpzcbttp: Thank you so much, this was very enjoyable. I can remember some of it as I am 62 and was born at Barncluith House in Hamilton and brought up in Silvertonhill. My mother was born in Wishaw but spent most of her life in Hamilton. She says she can remember when the Common Green in Hamilton (At the Old Town area) was occupied by American soldiers at the start of WW2 and everyone was fascinated with their accents and how they looked. My mother’s grandfather was Sir Harry Lauder and he would stay with them at Barncluith House when he was appearing in the Granada theatre and the Hippodrome theatre. Part of the building of the Granada theatre is still there, I’m sure the date on it is 1886. I can remember going to that theatre when I was very young. My friends grandfather and her family were part of Bostock and Womble who owned and ran most of the theatres in Hamilton in the 1920’s. Some old wall posters advertising Bostock and Womble were found in the attic room of the Regal cinema when they were demolishing it a few years ago. Thank you for bringing back some lovely memories.

Fyodor48: An excellent film, which succinctly points out the changes afflicting not just a region, but our country as a whole….Thank you

My modest tribute to the miners of Blantyre whom lost their lives down the mine, includes two poignant songs….. “Blantyre” A Scottish Mining Disaster


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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