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 City of Heartbreak

 City of Heartbreak

This cruel City, has called upon me
An opportunity for me to break free
Packed up my kit and made off with hope
Nine hours later I arrived in the smoke

Young and naïve with the world at my feet
Hope and prosperity I was destined to meet
In the smoggy air I could smell the pound
A necessity, in this devils playground

Gazing in awe with great delight
As this cruel city came alive at night
Aristocrats, tourists and drunken bums
Oblivious to the suburban slums

People of all cultures, settled there
An existence of life of which no one cares
No parochial communities for eyes to see
People wary of whom you might be

My wage is spent in a bar called the Crown
Thinking of home and feeling real down
Acquaintances gather at my side by the score
The money runs out they’re not there anymore

Thoughts of the good times forever will be
With open arms these folks welcomed me
We worked hard; we played hard, whenever we could
The” craic” it was fierce in “Old Cricklewood”

Had enough of this tiresome town
This capital city with its Queen and crown
A wealth of experience to home I do take
Another chapter of life in the “City of Heartbreak”.

Jimmy Whelan 2010

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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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