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Ghost of Elvis

Ghost of Elvis

Walking thro the graveyard, I thought I heard a sound
I  tentatively approached that big hole there on the ground
I got a little closer, afraid of what I’d see
The ghost of Elvis Presley came walkin up to me.

We sat upon the tombstone and chatted for a while
We reminisced of days gone by, I guess that raised a smile
Then thro the misty darkness, another ghost came thro
The ghost of Buddy Holly, singin Peggy Sue.

The party was in full swing, we all enjoyed our time,
We talked into the early hours, and drank that blood red wine.
That midnight sky was overcast, this party had to stop
The last I saw of Buddy, and the king of rock.

Although this party’s over, its not quite what it seems
My alarm clock put an end, to one of my greatest dreams.

Drew Semple 2011 (copyright grecodisc)


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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