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First Bowl of the Season by Jean WeaverThis ceremony was an annual event and the woman who threw the first bowl – normally the president’s wife or daughter – would be presented with a silver jack on a silver stand.

Our Grandpa Robert Scott was President this year and our mother threw the first bowl – I think an aunt did it another year.

My grandpa (third from left), was the Club President that year and since he had no wife to open the green, my mother (his daughter, Jean Weaver, nee Scott) did it. She’s the one second from left, and was presented with a silver bowl in a stand for throwing the first bowl of the season.

After the opening ceremony, there was always a celebration in the pavilion – food, speeches and entertainment. My brother Brian Weaver and I were allowed to go the year Mum did the honours (late 50s) and were having a great time outside the pavilion, mimicking the lady singer inside (who was giving it laldy!), until our mother came out to tell us they could all see what we were doing. We were warned we’d be straight up the road to bed unless we behaved ourselves.

Betty Weaver

Stuart Christie: Good photo of ‘Bob’ Scott. A fine man if ever there was!

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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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