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Bottom Row, Baird's RawsHello All,
I was wondering if someone could please tell me where Baird’s Row, Blantyre was and if it is still there. My Grandad lived there and my Dad was born there. I have an old mining map of Blantyre but sadly no names on the streets.

My Great Grandad John Morton and second wife Agnes lived at 31 Baird’s Rows, Blantyre at the time of his death in 1889, he was run over by a train on the Caledonian Railway near Craighead signal box. I have only started using Scotland’s pages so haven’t got to the census yet, they are my next search. Looks like our families would have most certainly crossed paths those many years ago.

Hi Margaret

I was born and bred in Blantyre, can remember the Baird’s Rows very well. As a boy I often visited with my two school mates who lived in the Rows, Joe Meechan, and Jimmy McGill.

On the immediate right were Craighead Rows, known locally as Baird's Rows.The Baird’s Rows was a name given by the Blantyre folk to a bunch of single end homes in rows, I can remember about 40 homes in the three rows. The original name given by the builders William Baird Co. was Craighead Rows, called after the mine (pit) that the tenants all worked at.

It was situated at the east end of Blantyre next door to the local Greyhound racing track which in turn was next to the railway line called the Craighead Junction where your Grandfather probably met his demise.

South of the rows was the Blantyre Celtic football ground.

The whole area is now a part of a motorway from East Kilbride to Bothwell. A725 (M74)
Hope this little bit helps.


This is part of a conversation between Thomas Dunsmuir Hartman in Chicago (known as TDH or Drapadew) and Margaret in Queensland Australia on TalkingScot.

Photo sent in by Anthony Smith

Your Comments:

Ellen Swift: I lived in the middle row

Blantyre’s Ain: Which number Ellen, I was born in No. 66 in the Middle Row.

Isabel Mcneily: My father was a coal miner and we lived in the middle raw, Clarkin was the name

Pat Cunningham: My mum and dad lived they but don’t know what row they were in.



Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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