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The Robertson Ginger Works

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Robertson's Ginger WorksThe Robertson ginger works as we called them, was not the place to pass if you were a male and it was at lunch time. A lot of the women and girls especially during the war years just loved to get outside and sit down, with their backs up against the wall and have a smoke and heckle every man in sight, regardless of his age, all good clean fun. You were always guaranteed a good laugh of sorts.

A pal I knew was passing bye, and this woman calls out to him. Hey son where’s yer bum did ye leave it in yer either trousers, and this other women shouts out before he can answer, eh disnay have a bum, He’s only got the wan pair o trousers.

The Blantyre women were special, they had to be among those Blantyre men.

This is part of a conversation between Thomas Dunsmuir Hartman in Chicago (known as TDH or Drapadew) and Margaret in Queensland Australia on TalkingScot.

Your Comments:

Anthony Smith: And Robertson’s Cola was the best drink in the world.

James Mcguire: great ginger.

Steph Burns: Loved working there.

Peter Murray: This was my first job after leaving school 1977, great memories.

Tom McGuigan: Brilliant memories Bridie!

Robert McLeod-Wolohan: I worked in Robertson’s ginger factory in the late 60s, I was a forklift driver there, I loved working there. lol The bottle of ginger I really loved there was the special cola, it was delicious.

Liz Boxall: Auld scotch and cola quenchy cups !! Brill.

Alex Young: I started in 1975, was there when they knocked the old building down. Sad day, not the same when Dunn’s took over. Orange the best.

Melanie Baird: Omg I did my week work experience there loved it, happy days.

George Gibson: My grandfather was at Robertson Heather Kirkhope.

Janette Goodman: Awe remember it well ! Loved the ginger especially the ginger beer.

Eddie Mcguire: Dogged school ‘n try’d tae steal quenchy cups fae the back.

Thea Borland Mcnamee: Loved it there. I was there on an off for yrs in the 70’s, seasonal then got a full time job. Also went back and worked night shift when it was Dunn’s.

Helen Dyer: good old ginger factory…

Bill McIntyre: Robertson 5 Star Ginger Beer was the best.

Alex Graham: A few of my mate’s worked there year’s ago . Joe O’neil, Jim Lannigan, Billy Fairley.

Jim Walsh: I loved working there till they sacked me.

Anne Bell: Ur rite Alex went downhill, used to get some laughs lol.



Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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