Livingstone Memorial Primary School 1977 – Year 3

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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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David Livingstone Memorial
Primary School 1977

Year 3 Teacher Miss Cropp

David Livingstone Memorial Primary School 1977 Year 3 Teacher Miss Crop

David Livingstone Memorial Primary School 1977 Year 3 Teacher Miss Crop

Middle Row: Far right, Ken Crop

I only know the boys names Bill.

Back Row: Gavin Weir, David Lochery, And not to forget Stephen Grey  (my old chestnut pal), Jackovous Kemedis, Alan Hill, Scott Sullivan, James McConnell, Steven Hodge, Graham Murry, Stuart Simpson, Steven Dunsmure.

Middle Row: David Lochery, Alex Conoboy, Scott Campbell, Gary McNulty, Malcolm North, Alan Humphries, Ken Cropp.

Great bunch of guys Bill. Each day we would wait for the bell so we could rush to play football. There was some of the guys who were real good footballers, Alan hill, Jacko Kemedis, James McConnell in goals.

There was another guy whom I will never forget his name was Stephen Grey who joined our class late in the year. What a player he was and I am sure every bloke in the class of 77 will remember him. If I am right I am sure Man United scouts had been looking at him, if he was in your team you were on to a winner.

Would love to go back just one time Bill as I am not in good health at the moment but it has sure cheered me right up just thinking back. Hope these names are some use to you Bill and thanks for the memories, top site Fella.

Names sent in by Alex Conoboy

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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