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Time is far more precious now
than what it used to be.
The sands of time run vicious now
they’re running out on me.

See times a thing we waste a lot
don’t realise its worth.
But time is something I have not
to spend here on this earth.

The things I always planned to do
I’ll never get them done.
Just recollect what I’ve been through
accept the fact, He’s won.

I’d love to see the children grow
have babies of they’re own.
Another thing that I’ll not know
because this tumours grown.

I used to like a pint or two
but never drank too much.
I never smoked a cigarette
cigars, I’d never touch.

This ventilator here is breathing
for me, day and night.
The curtains always open
`cause I love to see the light.

Forty years a collier,
worked in seven different mines.
That old coal dust has won the day
he’s blacked out all my time.

A lot of men have passed this way
and some were friends of mine.
Now my times not far away
that word again look, Time.

Alun Murphy March © 2001

Painting by Kathleen Patrick


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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