When we were Wee…

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 When we were Wee…

When we were Wee...

Things we done when we were wee
Like climbing up a Dandy tree
Playing sodgers in the sandy pits
Kiddin on you were shot tae bits

Skinny dipping up the Cauther
Getting intae loads of bother
Stealing aipples fae Red Dyke
Peddling fast oan yer bike

Playing speedway oer the park
Shouted in when it got dark
Big room at Hamilton Baths
Black Diamond and loads of laughs

Bogie rides doon the brae
Biggest hill, where you did stay
Throwing snaw baws at a bus
Getting chased, what a buzz

Hingin oan tae the tally van
Come and catch me if ye can
Nockin’ sweets fae the penny tray
If Tony Caserta only knew today

At the Roxy oan a Saturday night
All glammed up what a sight
A trip roon Blan’tir oan the Bingo bus
Great night’s entertainment for all of us

Davy Askit and Gilbert’s travelling shops
McDougal brothers mobile vegetable crop
Yer maw gettin tick affy these vans
Christmas cheque fae the provi man

Dogging school doon the Clyde
Thinking you were being wide
Livies Bridge wae the Mental Tyre
Fighting Bow-T tae the wire

Gaun tae Berts fur a poke a chips
Chattin up burds fur a kiss on the lips
Mars ‘n’ Ice in Mickeys café
In a booth that’s hid-away

Community Centres famous dance
Blue moon disco, looking fur romance
Slow dance right at the end
Winchin the face aff yer new ladyfriend

Russell’s Ferme wae face blacked oot
Stealing totties or battered fruit
Camping oot yer pals back door
Papers and milk at Collin’s door

No X-Box or PS3 to amuse us then
Good times over and over again
Always a laugh and always funny
All these things done withoot money…

J.J. Whelan 2012


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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