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Footbridge to Bothwell

Took a wander across the bridge
As the sun was getting low
Cast my eyes off to my right
The waters calm and slow

Dander up old Station Road
Sweet memories in my mind
Livingstone’s, the Village shop
And buildings I cannot find

Glasgow Road was the place to be
Characters by the score
Parochial community with happy faces
Never seen anymore

Public parks and boating ponds
With lovely flower beds
Sadly now have all gone
Just a meeting place for neds

Stonefield Road filled with shops
With aromas etched in my mind
Cobbler shop and Black the bakers
Such now we’ll never find

The Cauther braes and old Greenhall
Spent many a happy days
Fly tippers and broken bottles
So different in many ways

Destroyed this town with such aggression
Killed my passion, no time to dwell
Packed up my home and I did flee
Across the water to Bothwell..

J. J. Whelan 2012



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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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