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When I was a Wean


Meccano sets or Johnie 7
The toys that made a boy in Heaven
Cheesecloth shirts and two bob chain
Those were the days when I was a wean.

Platform shoes and crombie jacket
Bought wi a provie line, cost me a packet
Working class da, working class maw
Took me to Brownlees to buy me a baw.

Our only phone was doon the stair
A party line we had to share
We let our pals in, just to see
Our state of the art, black ‘n white TV.

The Dandy, The Beano, or maybe the Topper
Bazooka Joe chewing gum or even a whopper
To the record session everybody went
Playing daft games like nervous or content.

Dial a disc or the speaking clock
Playing at beds marked oot wi chalk
I’d give up everything to do it again
Those were the days when I was a wean.

Drew Semple copyright (grecodisc 2011)


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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