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 Changing Places

Changing Places

The Dream.

In this life we have one aim, and that is to survive
We think of others passed away but some are still alive
Then a challenge comes along, and much to our surprise
The gauntlet is then lifted, by these 3 worthy guys

It started of as a dream, or a hairy fairy story
These guys took the gauntlet, and now deserve the glory
Two of them from Blantyre, one from out of town
Their focus and their vigour will never let them down

Jimmy Whelan, Frank Devine and Mr. Thomas Slaven
Got together to help the worthy, local Blantyre Haven
8 months of endless nights, the guys put thro’ their paces
Ladies and Gentlemen the end result, this is…

changing places’.

Copyright Grecodisc 2011 Sept 27

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Words and Music by Drew Semple


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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