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 The Welfare A.B.C.

The Welfare ABC

For forty years a Jewel in the crown
An institution within our town
A community club for boxers to meet
To stand proud in victory and defeat

McDermott and Slaven they’re part of the team
Coaching champions that is their dream
Townsley, Clinton, Kelso and Campbell
To name but a few, on whom they did gamble

Tuesday’s and Friday’s, the crew will be there
Punching bags with precision and care
Training hard with sweat on their faces
“Last Ten” the shout, as they pick up their paces

Gloves on bags and skipping ropes
Courageous young men all with high hopes
Boxing champs, all dreaming to be
Bobbing and weaving like the great “Ali”

Sparring with guys with well worn faces
16oz gloves with yellow laces
Fast and furious, punches go
Hitting the canvas, such a painful blow

Friday night the Grand Boxing Show
Approaching the ring, toe to toe
Squaring up, for a good clean fight
Victory the only, prize of the night

Cheering crowds as champs take their places
Fear and anguish upon their faces
Cuts and bruises along the way
The Queensbury rules they must obey

Discipline and respect are taught in this place
Restoring some faith in the human race
Champion coaches who take great care
Training the future of “BLANTYRE WELFARE”

Jimmy Whelan 2010 (copyright)

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland




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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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