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Fur aw you folk fae Blantyre
Who’ve ventured near and far.
Ah wonder if ye remember
Long before we hid Spar.

There wiz a wee butcher shoap
That sat oan the auld main street.
Wi it’s windie always shining
And full o’ first class meats.

Wi it’s flair all full o’ sawdust
And carcasses oan the racks.
They came from miles a’roon tae sample it
They even came in packs.

Some were waiting in the queue
Fur the Sunday roast,
Other’s they were waiting fur
Potted heid fur toast.

That wee red faced man that served ye
Well he was always nice.
Fur he knew whit you were waiting fur
Wis “PETER CRAIG’S” finest square slice.

Jimmy Whelan 2009


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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