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 The Blantyre Saint

(1899 – 1993)

This poem is dedicated to a Christian called
, who puts his trust in Jesus Christ,
our saviour bless his name.

A sinner like the rest of us,
was destined for to burn,
but he gave his heart to Jesus,
and from his sins did turn.

At first he did not have the truth,
and thought life couldn’t be finer,
then looking at nature’s beauty thought,
a design must have a designer.

The lost souls on the streets today,
it saddened John to see,
so many on the sinful path,
to a lost eternity.

So John vowed unto our Lord,
that all who’d gone astray,
he’d lead them to the glorious path,
that one be saved each day.

So John’s been on the Blantyre streets,
how long? he can’t remember,
Big Geordie says two hundred years
and four months come December.

I’m sorry John, for my wee joke,
believe me this is true,
for all the people you have helped,
I really envy you.

Because all the Angels up in heaven,
are of one accord,
for all the souls that you have led,
to Jesus Christ our Lord.

Gerry McLaughlan 1987

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Your Comments:

Brendan O’neill: I used to see him when a was coming home from school (the Joes ) he used to talk to the hooses.

Gary Doonin: A man who stuck by his beliefs even when certain people tried to belittle him and try and laugh at him. It just shows the character of the man.

Liz Boxall: Blast from the past … Can remember him preaching at the bottom of the cul de sac, Moffat Place in the 60’s. Oh happy days !

Sandra Murphy: Remember him well…

Sadie Dolan: Remember used to look and listen from living room window.

Alex Mclaughlin: Remember this old guy preaching outside our house a man of strong beliefs.

Emma Trevethan: A remember him well preaching outside our house in Maxwell Crescent.

Karen Ward: He was má friend grandfather. Lovely man.x

Elizabeth Biswell: OMG I just remembered this man. He was always preaching just in front of our house at Winton Crescent. A real memory from the old days. Bless

Ina Sanders: I remember him preaching in the streets.

Wully Martin: Used to see him up Rosebank Avenue a lot.

Thomas Hamilton-Hailes: I remember John and his family very well. He was not only one of my Sunday School teachers but also a great friend to my older brother and I. Many a Sunday before the evening gospel meeting he had as marching to street corners where we’d form a ring and he’d step into the middle and give a sermon to those who, for whatever reason, couldn’t come to church. My older brother was “saved” by John … but I’m afraid his good works were wasted on me. OK, not entirely … I do have a moral conscience at least thanks to .

Helen Dyer: He was a real fixture in Blantyre.. he just wanted to spread the Good Word.

Margaret Quinn: Yea I well remember him preached for hours lovely guy x

Margaret Stewart: He was a lovely man. I was very young but I still remember his smiling face.

Liz Hughes: Defo never forget John was just talking about him no long ago xx

Rosieposie Law: Remember him well.

Margaret McDonald: Used to do meals on wheels ‘n delivered to him! Mind him always preaching when I was young! Xxx

Etta Morrison: Always remember him standing at top of Beech Place.. a devoted Christian…

Stuart Oneil: Remember John preaching outside our house on a friday night.

Isobel Paterson: Remember him well.

Linda Fellows: I remember him, God Bless.

Jean Boyd: I remember him well..

Catherine McCunnie Mc Guire: Oft I remember that man he used to stand and preach outside your houses God bless him.

Helen Stewart: That man was so much part of our childhood x

Gerry Mcnamee: Had forgotten all about him ’till I seen pic good memories.

Caroline Lee: I remember him preaching outside our hoose one day, Dad was night shift. Told him my Dad was sleeping he quickly finished & moved on.


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