The Clyde Otter

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The Clyde Otter

The Clyde Otter

The otter slinkit through the bush,
Then skyted doon the bank-brae,
At river’s edge, the slimy skoosh,
He sniffed a mighty snootfae.

He cravit here the broon-specked trout,
And the slipp’ry, writhing eel,
He sought them oot wi’ his broad snout,
He well-kent them baith by feel.

The trout and eel they stood nae chance,
The otter fleshed them fully,
Fae heid tae tail, the pair at wance,
Until he’d stuffed his belly.

The otter then wid finely preen,
As on his back he floated,
He’d wipe his face and beady een,
Fair chuffed wi’ how he’d feasted!

The Clyde Otter

Lon McIlwraith
Copyright 2011


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