The Big Fight

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The Big Fight

The Big Fight

Doon the park efter school
Your deed that’s the rule
Nae gone tae the Jannie
Or telling yer Mammy
Nae big brithers
Or help fae others
Just you and me, square go
Nae punchin, doon below
Nae scratchin, nae biting
Only good clean fighting

The haunshakes are done
The fight has begun
The first punch is threw
And the air is punched blue
Not a blow has been struck
As the grun turns to muck
Their claes are awe manky
Oot comes the hanky
They call it a draw
And run hame tae their Maw.

J.J. Whelan May 2011


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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