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 Oor Toon

Oor Toon

Made in Scotland from Irish stock
Blantyre’s where I cut my teeth
Where boys were boys and men were men
Wae Potted Heid and Corned Beef

The Bowling Alley, Wullie Pates
Harpers Garage and Matt the Poles
Mars on Ice at Mickey’s Cafe
Peter Craig’s and Little’s rolls

Playing at fitba doon the park
Trying to live the dream
A mitre five and jaickets for goalposts
Scoring the winner for your favourite team

Such a lovely quaint wee place
I love and know so well
As time has passed it has changed
For the good? Only time will tell…

J.J. Whelan June 2011


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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