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The Banana Bunch

The Banana Bunch

The Banana Bunch were out riding the range,
Armed with little guns that looked mighty strange,
Wee Blantyre cowboys from way out west,
Their guns were holstered in yellow vests.

Tiny outlaws; they were desperate young dudes,
They were gonna rob a train of it’s goods,
They seen a train comin’ and shouted “Yippee!”
The small engine driver was a boy aged three.

“Get offa that train, this is a stick-up”
The small engine driver began to hiccup,
He ran from the train to tell his Mum
The Banana Bunch had held up her youngest son.

The gang then got tired of their robbing game,
So they headed back out over the plain,
And they were mighty hungry at the end of the day
So they ate their bananas, then they rode all away.

By Brian Cummiskey ( Sent in by Jimmy Whelan)


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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