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Braw Broon

Braw Broon

Braw Broon was ae a bonny lass,
A broon-haired, broon-eyed bonny lass,
For me nae lass could e’er surpass,
The bonny wee Braw Broon.

She called me for a lib’ry book,
I tried tae gie the fine a jouk,
She made me pay, and I was hooked,
By bonny wee Braw Broon.

Her mither said that I was bad,
Her faither called me, twice, a cad!
I paid nae mind, ‘cause I was glad,
Tae be wi’ wee Braw Broon.

I showed her true I’m no nane rake,
Her bonny heart I widnae break,
Nae thing on earth could owertake,
My love for wee Braw Broon.

Noo aw these mony years huv passed,
She’s still ma ain wee bonny lass,
We’ll be together tae the last,
My bonny wee Braw Broon.

Lon McIlwraith

Copyright 2011, 2014


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