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Ne’r Day

Happy New Year

The time has come to welcome a New Year
To drink, be merry and full of cheer
Shed a tear to Auld Lang Syne
Toast the future with whisky or wine

Age old traditions of shortbread and coal
A nip of whisky to keep out the cold
Open our doors let in the fresh air
First footers dawning black hair

Table is set, stew is the feast
Enough there to feed the beast
Dad is singing Ae Fond Kiss
All are listening to such bliss

Granny is crying as she spares a thought
For all the friends, who are with us not?
Mother is toasting the future of all
Party in full swing, having a ball

People with bottles of Ne’rday drink
Walking along with that familiar chink
Looking for the party that’s about to begin
As they’ve just invited themselves in

How things do change as years roll by
Progress they call it, I wonder why
Age old traditions gone in a flash
Great memories of times gone past…

J.J. Whelan 2011

Sent in by Duncan Slater


Your Comments: 

Jean Nicoll: Brilliant … Tears are streamin doon ma face !! Xx

Liz Allan: Me too. Wheatland avenue memories

Jean Nicoll: Deffo Liz lol xxx

Linda Curtis: Love it Uncle Duncan. X

Helen Dyer: brings back good memories.. xx

Hugh Hainey: Brilliant, says it all,,

Jan Steel Holiff: This is a special New Year treat. Thank you Duncan.

Rose Sporndli: Brought back so many happy memories.

Fiona Pringle: My childhood to a T x

Karen Nicoll: Love it…. gr8 happy memories xxx

Ann Millar: Memories!! Happy wans anaw.x

Margaret Lindner: Sounds about right ….

Sadie Nichol:l Brill xx

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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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