In The footsteps Of A Giant

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In The footsteps Of A Giant

In The footsteps Of A Giant

I always wanted to be just like him,
The man with the snow white hair,
In his big Arran sweater,
He was a big friendly polar bear,

I always wanted to be just like him,
And now I think I can,
Follow in the giant footsteps,
Of a kind and loving, Blantyre man.

To Oor Granda,
Alex Cummiskey Snr
From Brian Boru


They break your best china,
But that’s just the start,
When some of them get older,
Some of them will break your heart. 

The Great Rosendale Train Robbery

Ma favourite toy when as wis wee
Wis a big red plastic train.
Ah big boy stole it affy me,
And it wis never seen again.
Ah wonder if he remembers
That favourite toy of mine?
Ah wonder if he’s in prison now
Remembering his very first crime?

Brian Cummiskey
Copyright BC/2007 

Sent in by Jimmy Whelan

N.B. The photo is a stock photo and not that of Brian’s Grandfather.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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