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I Remember Blantir
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Ah remember the Blantir, where a yist tae bide,
cloases wi stairs up, where a wean could hide.

Coal cellars oot the back, aw in a row,
the midden at the end, where yer telt, no tae go.

An there wis the washoose, the pride o’ the place,
we weans played in the biler, oan hoat summer days.

The park acroas the road wis wance foo o coos,
noo it’s goat hooses, gairdens an doos.

Wance thir wur shoaps aw alang the main street,
noo there’s jist Asda, it wid make ye greet.

An there wis the park we saw bilt oot o ashes,
wis wance a great place fur the boys an the lassies.

We went tae the Co Gala, an we follied the bawn,
oor tinnies taped up an oor tickets in in oor hawn.

In summer we went up the Cawther or doon the Clyde braes,
ye jist wore yer sannies an hid oan yer auld claes.

Noo there’s no much ye can dae in Blantir at aw,
there’s no even the Dookit or the Broadway Pictire Hawl.

There’s nae Parish Buildin’ an nae Kellies Corner
Auchinraith Road’s there bit the Buggy Buildin’s nae longer.

Nae Nessies school, nae Co-op or Hill’s Pawn
jist like the Blantir Gazette, thur aw gawn.

Naw Blantir’s no Blantir, it’s no the same noo,
bit ave goat ma dreams a mibbe you hiv too.

Am still here in Blantir an although it’s no the same,
nae matter where I go, it’s tae Blantir a come hame.

Helen McKenzie Connor

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Marion Reynolds many thanks for printing mums poem on your page xx

Lynne Conner That’s ma mammy’s poem  xx

Anne Gilmour Callaghan Luv this pic, I was born in the top flat with the pointy front.

Blantyre’s Ain Which one Anne, the right or left one. My sister stayed in the right one. That is Stewart’s Laun, Mrs Stewart had the Apothecary where the awning is.

Anne Gilmour Callaghan The left one, or nearest one, born there in 1953 stayed there for about 5 years

I remember Blantir

Anne Gibson I have it up on my wall. You should hear the kiwis trying to read it. Sorry it’s not clear but got written by a specialist calligraphy.

Rita Calder Mrs Conner a great lady, a faithful member of Livingstone Memorial Church Sunday School leader, Guild President for many years and still highly regarded by all there.

Sadie Dolan Brilliant, and sadly true!

Catherine Dawes Lovely poem… really enjoyed that…

Helen Dyer it’s ma hame tae…


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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