The Day a Goat the Dividend

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The Day a Goat the Dividend

Blantyre Co-op

There’s a long line o’ people from the hall tae the door an’ even ootside
they’ve aw goat their nummers in, an they’re waitin tae be pide.

There’s mammies wi weans some even in their shawl
an the wans stawnin ootside, wantin in oot oe the cawl.

There’s Mrs Mac she hisnae been very well, it’s a wunner she’s able to cum
an there’s wee Jeannie Wilson, ye ken her, it’s her man that sweeps yer lum.

Ma feet are sair awreddy an am only hawfwie up the stair
there’s two wimmen beside me an they’re talkin aboot their hair.
Wan said, I tried tae dye it but it’s turned an awfy hue
so A’ve jist put in ma cyrlers an hidin it wae a scarf the noo.

There’s an awfy loat o weans runnin up an doon the stair
their mithers awe stawnin bletherin, ye wid think they didnae care.

At last am jist inside the hall waitin patiently fur ma nummers tae be cawd
there’s a wee lassie greetin, she’s jist fell and gied her heid a clawd.

Wee Jeannie Wilson has asked me tae watch her turn
she wanted tae rin hame an put the gas oot, so’s her soop widnae burn.

Did ye hear whit that man said as he walked across the hall
he said wee Tommy Johnson’s jist han an awfy bad faw.
Tommy hid been gawin doon the stairs when sumdy goat in his wie
his mammies gone tae take him hame, his wee brither hid tae stie.

There’s wee weans an big weans an men an women as well
some runnin, some talkin, some greetin, some jist stawnin waitin like masell.

There’s two people arguin aboot who it should be first
an a wee man who said he wis leavin as he’d goat an awfy thirst.

Noo am hawf wie up the hall an wee Jeannie isnae back
aw there she is noo, her face is rid wi runnin an she’s brought her wee son Jack.

At long last it’s time for me tae be next fur tae be pide
an there’s been that much noise an goins on, a’ll be gled tae get ootside.

Well there’s wan thing a ken a’ll nae forget even whan am auld
the day a waited fur ma mammies dividend in the
Co-operative hall.

Helen McKenzie Connor

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