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He did it, I saw him

Viking Ship

We aw know a man who saw a dinosaur
Or a man who saw a shark
Or a man who saw an alien
Or a ghost comin oot fae the dark

Ask oor jake cause he was there
we saw the white lady wi straggly hair
we started to run, but she could fly
and oan her broom she passed us by
A saw her!!

She picked us up and drapped us aff
at Davy Livvies brig
she drapped us aff just in time
to start oor next gig

We met the troops we told them
exactly what we saw
when a killer whale came oot the Clyde
and punched me oan the jaw.
Jake saw it!!

His stories are daft but are they true
Just ask ma brither, cause he saw them too
Just at that I drapped a pound
Doon in tae the water
Then oor jake turned and said
Hey bro it diznae matter

He promptly did a swallow dive
Doon intae the Clyde
He got ma pound and soakin wet
He’s standin by ma side
A saw him!!

Just at that a Viking ship
Came sailing roon the bend
Loaded wi big mad Vikings
A thot this is the end

But oor jake shouted square go
I’ll fight yeez wan by wan
Ye don’t know who yer dealin wi
Cause im a Blantir man
A heard him!!

He battered aw the Vikings
And set the ship alight
Oor jake was still standin
after such a fight
Jake did it!!

A saw him!!

Drew Semple (March 2010 Copyright Grecodisc.)


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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