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High Blantyre Hills

A Bogie

Park Crescent gate, High Blantyre Park
The first wee hill that made its mark
On George’s bike, doon it I blew
Skint baith ma knees when aff I flew!

Then Larkfield Drive, the last steep end
A speedy slope, a wee tight bend
Skelpin’ doon in bogie races
Skiddin’ sideways like true aces

Brave boys we were on Kirkton hill
Oor wee plank skateboards needed skill
The lamp-posts passed at demon speed
Hit wan of them and you’d be deid!

On Calderwood, in winter’s snaw
The grassy slope, aw white and braw
Wis tackled on a hame-made sledge
And ended heid-first in a hedge!

White Gates Hill, och aye, nae bother
Doon we raced towards the Cauther
Things didnae end up very guid
A pile-up at the cattle grid!

Sydes Brae wis next, a piece of cake
Or so we thought, oor bikes’ good brakes
Wid keep us safe and in control
But then ma front wheel hit a hole…

The biggest dare though, bar them aw
Flee doon Pech Brae, nae brakes at aw
Baith sides a blur, the slipstream’s sting
Survive that trip, ye’d be a king!

Sledges, skateboards, bikes and bogies
Cuts and bruises, scars and stookies
Fae boys tae lads we passed the trials
High Blantyre Hills we did in style!

Lon McIlwraith
Copyright 2013


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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