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Field of Dreams
(Blantyre Celtic)

Field of Dreams (BLANTYRE CELTIC)

It all began in St. Joseph’s church hall
A committee was formed, they knew it all
The Wee Celts were born, from but a dream
The formation of a fine football team

First established in nineteen nineteen
Irish immigrants, fulfilling their dream
To take this club to its primal best
With aspirations, to surpass the rest

Building this team, took some time
With peaks and troughs along the line
The nineteen forties, their greatest accolade
Semi-final of the Scottish Cup, what a parade

The slopes of Craighead was the place to be
Monsignor Ashe, our patron, how grateful were we
Some famous players have displayed their worth
The Greatest Celt ever, performed on this turf

Some fine local lads have graced the green
Grant, McAdams, Fallon, the finest we’ve seen
All having the honour to behold that fine crest
Admiration and pride for the badge on their chest

In the nineties it all came to an end
Banks came a calling, the money was spent
Craighead Park the Celts spiritual hame
Was reduced to rubble, Oh Lord what a shame

From out of the ashes in Two Thousand and Ten
Rise, a new Blantyre Celtic with a squad of brave men
With hopes and dreams, to be up there once more
The pitch comes alive when the Wee Celts do score.

Jimmy Whelan 2010



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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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