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A Big Day Oot

A Big Day Oot

Two wee boys went oot wan day,
As wis their usual fancy,
By the church and on their way,
Towards the Lady Nancy.

They steppit oot across the fields,
They scaled the farmer’s fences,
The cows got up and chased their heels,
The boys escaped by inches.

Up they climbed the gorsey cap,
Aw scratched and scraped all over,
Then spied upon the grassy tap…
A pair of nudie lovers!

Doon they fell tae keep unseen,
Then keekin’ through the branches,
Wi’ gapin’ gobs and poppin’ een,
They stared as though in trances.

The lovers lay tae catch the sun,
They didnae move a muscle,
Thinkin’ they were aw alone,
Away fae aw the bustle.

But then the wee boys broke the spell,
They burstit oot in sniggers,
The man jumped up, let oot a yell,
The wuman reached for covers.

Off the pair ran though the gorse,
In laughin’, roarin’ fettle,
The man gave chase, but came off worse,
He wisnae dressed for nettles!

Doon the boys ran back that day,
Through fields and cows and fences,
By the church and on their way,
Wi’ tales of Lady Nancy.

Lon McIlwraith
Copyright 2011

Photo: James B Brown


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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