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Sweet Dysholm, Sweet Dysholm,
thy flowery haunts I love to roam,
thy woods, thy glens, thy mossy dell
Sweet Dysholm I love thee well.

The brawling Cawder’s rapid tide,
around fertile holms doth glide,
and murmurs there in gentle tone,
I love thee well, Sweet Dysholm.

Decked like a bride thy hawthorn fair
with grateful fragrance fills the air,
wild flowers whose colours far outvie,
the costliest gems of deepest dye.

Thy charms to me grow still more clear,
in Summer gay and Winter drear,
I’m bound to thee in fairy spell,
Sweet Dysholm I love thee well.

Each warbling bird, each humming bee,
each flower, each shrub, each sprawling tree,
swell out the chorus loud and long
I love thee well, Sweet Dysholm.

Jane Pettigrew, Malcolmswood. 1860


Malcolmwood Farm

It would appear that Jane Pettigrew is a member of the extended family Pettigrew, who lived in between times, in Dysholm Cottage and Malcolmwood Farm, both of which are situated on the west bank of the River Calder, opposite Milheugh Estate, between the years of 1830’s and 1861. Whatever the case may be, we have to thank her for her wonderful poem that she left.
ACKN; Alex Rochead,

James Cornfield 2006

Dysholm became derelict and was eventually ceremonially burnt down in the winter of 1903/4. Beside it was Queen Mary’s Well where Mary Queen of Scots watered her horse before the Battle of Langside. Jane’s death is recorded in Cambuslang from dysentry at 10 January 1860 aged 77

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Malcolmwood Farm Photo supplied by Lyn and Kym McDougall from Australia.

Hi from Australia.

I am sitting at a very old roll top desk owned by my wife Lynette McDougall (nee Pettigrew). The desk has been in the Pettigrew family since at least 1874, and an inscription on the back of a pen tray that is still with the desk says: “This desk belonged to Wm Pettigrew of Malcolmswood, Blantyre N.B. Died about 1874. His son Robert Pettigrew got possession of it when he went to England.”

On your fabulous website I found a poem by Jane Pettigrew of Malcolmswood written in 1860, and we have a photo here of a thatch roof house with an inscription “Malcolmswood”. Can anyone provide us with any more background to Malcolmswood or the Pettigrew’s who lived there?

Thanks so much,

Warm Regards

Kym and Lynette McDougall


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