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A Blantyre Tale

Fin me Oot

I was built in the latter part of the 19th. Century
in a beautiful isolated valley of the Calder.
Two words form my postal address, 
which is of this ancient parish, 
yet I am known locally by a lovely descriptive name? 
which I much prefer.

My inhabitants were Coal miner’s,
who cast their votes,
and registered all births,
marriages and deaths
in this parish of which I am a Hamlet,
yet all the children attended other village schools!

The residents are long since gone,
relocated in neighbouring villages,
yet signs of me remain.
Should you seek me,
here is a clue…

“You may pass me by for I am no longer,
I live only in the hearts and minds
of those who once lived and dwelt here,
who can still see and long for me…

Twa hamlets in Blantyre parish,
o’ that there is nae doot,
wan is “Auchintibber” the ither? “ Fin-me-oot.”
(Caldervale Terrace)

James Cornfield. 2005


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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