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Blantir Wean
Tin Can Stilts

Ah wis born an bred in Blantir,
Aye, Blantir is ma hame,
Bein’ brought up in a tenement
Made me a typical wean.

We didnae hiv much money
So ma mammy went oot tae work
An’ when Ah hid oan ma Sunday claes
Ah dareny play in the durt.

Ah didnae hiv very many toys
Like the weans a’ hiv the day,
Ma pals were happy girls an, boys
Wi lots o’ games tae play.

We played at, cowboys an’ indians,
We played at, hide an’ seek,
When we counted tae 100 nice an, fast
An’ ye wirnae allowed tae peek.

Then we’d tie some string through two tin cans
An’ we’d put them oan oor feet
An, stomp like something frae outer space
Right up an’ doon oor street.

There wis, doublers, ropes, an kick the can,
We played, rounders, roon the back
Then we’d sit oan toap o’ the midden
Tellin’ ghost stories till it goat dark.

We’d walk tae the Pictures Matinee
Oan a Setterday afternoon,
Where a man came oot tae make us a’ sing
An wave hankies in time tae the tune.

We booed an’ cheered at the Westerns,
The Three Stoogies made us a’ laugh,
Then came the cartoons – Mickie Mouse an’ Popeye-
Tae make up the hour an’ a half

We ate toffee apples an’ candy cakes
An chewed oan liquorice sticks,
Soor plooms that pul’t yir jaws right in,
Dry wafers – a penny for six.

We read the Beano an’ Dandy,
Oor Wullie an The Broons,
We even hid back court concerts,
Tap dancin, tae popular tunes.

In this rhyme Ah’ve tried tae turn back the clock
Tae aboot forty-odd years and more,
Tae paint a picture o’ whit life wis like
For a wean in old Blantir.

When there wisnae a word like junkie
An naebody that Ah knew sniffed glue,
Today Ah jist cannae help thinkin’-
Whit’s happenin’ tae Blantir weans noo?

Sent in by Roy McDade


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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