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 St. Joseph’s 1971-1978

St Joseph's Primary Staff 1975

While I was out walking the other day,
I watched a piece of my childhood being taken away.
I can still see my teacher I can still see me play,
As this big machine took “Room One” away.

Now that the school is being reduced to rubble,
I can recall the times when we got into trouble.
You were sent to Miss King if you were a pest,
Or up to Big Bones for six of the best.

Now as we moved on up the school,
There was Miss Toker she was no fool.
I can still see stars as she fires the duster,
As the lassie in front ducked so it missed her.

Then there was Sam Clements he was great,
On a Monday we played football and he’d keep us in late.
He taught us general knowledge, and to obey the rules,
He gave us his wisdom and prepared us for the big school,

Now that the school is past its sell by date,
It’ll hold great memories for me and my classmates.
The tears, the laughter, the joy and the pain,
There’s one thing for sure, you’ll not get them back again.

The biggest school in Blantyre has come to its end,
For fifty five years it’s been a parochial friend.
From nursery to secondary it’s served the town well,
And to be replaced by a supermarket, now that didn’t go down well.

A new school is dawning and all with high hopes,
Gone are the days of playing football and skipping ropes,
A new chapter is beginning, and the new school will emerge,
Let’s hope our memories stay and never will submerge.

Jimmy Whelan 2009 (copyright)


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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