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A Town With No Heart

Community Centre

Our old town looks real strange
Do people really like the change?
It’s been robbed of all it had
Don’t know if it’s for good or bad

The picture hall, screened its last show
The bowling alley, another to go
Our local shop keepers all out of a job
At the cost of a supermarket to make a few bob

Gone are the swing parks and boating pond
No old man’s rest or kids playing in sand
No community centres or our Y.M.C.A.
We’ve witnessed them all being taken away

The for sale signs are up, the pubs are all empty
The developers here are coining in plenty
Regeneration of schools and land in abundance
A council with no money have they no conscience

Some call it progress or modernisation
A full community left in frustration
The characters are left with no part to play
Our Town has no heart for you stole it away.

Jimmy Whelan 2010


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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