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Primrose Mountain
(AKA Primrose Hill)

Primrose Mountain

Thrice I’ve been asked about this Place,
thrice I’ve been left with egg on my face,
for I’ve never heard of this unusual name,
and of those who asked, not one could explain!
The location of this beautiful place….

By chance, I read Willie Park one day
and from then on, night turned to day
for he made it clear, as clear as can be
as he gave directions to where it maybe.

On East Kilbride road opposite Shot Farm
through Archer’s Croft  down by the barn
till you come to the house of old Milheugh,
go o’er the brig’ where Calder runs thru’.

Turn left on the path at this beautiful scene
then look for the viaduct that once had been,
discover the Orchard, in Autumn a boys dream,
cross o’er the bridge that spans the stream.

Seek you a small piece of marshy ground
where Blackthorn bush in profusion abound,
the backdrop to all this wonderful sight
is the place wherein springtime, ‘tis a delight.

This little flower with its colour of gold
in days of yore ’twas a sight to behold.
A million Primroses filled this beautiful terrain
‘tis why they call it Primrose Mountain…

Ackn; W. Park.                  James Cornfield. 2009.

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