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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

High Blantyre

Entrance to Kirkton Park

 Entrance to Kirkton Park (home in the 1950’s to High Blantyre Hearts; who were Lanarkshire juvenile cup-winners at one time (players like ‘Trigger’ Dunsmuir, the Goalkeeper, Wullie Tallis and Jake Brownlee were the stars in those days).

Back row:  Eddie – ? – Billy Gordon – Robert Hamilton – Andy Cunningham – Danny Gilmour  – Eddie McGrory – Willie Tallis – Peter Cornfield -Andy Paterson – Jim Swinbourne.

Front  row: Tam Burke – Jim Smith – Robert Hartley – ? Wilson – Donald Cameron – Jake Brownlie – Hugh Robertson.

High Blantyre Hearts c1962

High Blantyre Hearts c1962

High Blantyre Hearts played in the Juvenile League and had a running feud with Burnbank Swifts.

Sent in by Andy Paterson and some names by Don Wilkie and Jim McIntyre

Tracey McDougall: The shadow looks like houses that are still there across from chapel? Perhaps this is a pic taken after they were built? Possibly after 1972? What do you think Bill?
Blantyre’s Ain: I think the early 70’s is probably right.
Keith MacLean: I Grew up in 24 Greenhall Place [on the left hand side of foto] Great to see the park I grew up in and played football in. Foto is def early 70’s, Groetjes…
Gregor Sheppard: I lived just round the corner from Keith in Janefield Place. I can remember climbing onto the roof of the Parkies hut, blocking the chimney and smoking him out!
Mattie Taggart: I think Joe Cushely played as well, likely be wrong Bill
Rose Lee: What is the dark shadow just above the houses on Broompark road? Is it a building? Can’t believe how low the hedge is behind my wee hoose. I keep it high for some privacy.
Elizabeth Dobson Grieve: I know them! In the kirkton scheme.
Rose Lee Tracy: the houses in the photo are further along than the church; between Broompark Avenue and the park gates so it can’t be these houses you mention behind them. But I wonder if it could be the row of houses behind the bungalows opposite me? Actually I think that’s it as if I zoom right in I can see what looks like the tip of a gable above my neighbour at no 51!
Laura Hamilton: My maiden name’s Dunsmuir and my dad was from High Blantyre but I don’t recall Trigger.. he must have disappeared with Roy after the football!


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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