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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

High Blantyre

McLean’s, Main Street, High Blantyre

 McLean's, Main Street, High Blantyre An early view of Main Street High Blantyre from Priestfield Street. The large tree is in a field of Whiteford’s farm and where the picture is taken is the corner of JB’s pub (became the Apollo lounge sometime later).

McLean's, Main Street, High BlantyreMcLean’s is the paper shop with the yellow awning half way down the street.

The other yellow awning further down was the Co-op draper. The two low hut-shaped buildings in between were was a garage and the Orange Lodge where the band would practice.

Across the street from the Co-op drapers was the ‘barracks’ building. The orange fronted building down from where the 2 men are standing was McDonalds ice cream shop for a while and the corner where they’re standing is the entrance into the public park. 

Your Social Comments:

Elizabeth Weaver: That’s High Blantyre as I remember it too. It was a village with farms, tidy houses and gardens. Everyone spoke to you and children who misbehaved would be told off by any passing adult – that’s something which has definitely changed, and it reflects the philosophy that it takes a village to raise a child. It felt like a friendly, safe place to live, despite the undoubted poverty some folk knew.
Len Northfield: The thing that stands out for me in all these old photos is how clean and tidy Blantyre looked. Whatever happened to our sense of community pride. When I was wee, all the miners and workers had well kept gardens and neat fences, they seemed to realise that what they had was hard won. Right, I’m off my soap box!
Violet Elder: That’s the Blantyre I remember. My maiden name is McDade, in case anyone recognises it. I agree with you Betty, it felt very safe, if you were cheeky to anybody you got a clip round the ear and you were scared to be cheeky again. How times have changed.
Tracey McDougall: Ha I’m only 41 but agree with all – I have recently told off a 6 year old for talking to strange taxi drivers and was told to f off!!! Charming – if my McDougall lassie spoke like that I’d be livid!!
Jim McDougall: Aye, that’s the Blantyre I remember, what a lovely place it was then, happy memories of a time growing up, although I no longer live there, I still call it home, thanks to all who send in those brilliant photos of our place of birth.
Anna Steven Austen: Yes thank you Blantyre’s Ain. I was born and grow up there and it does my heart good to see all the pictures that you post.
Christina Frame: That is my High Blantyre, I remember when McLean’s paper shop was on the other side if the road just down from the Co-op grocers, that paper shop burned down and reopened where it is on the photo. I have a beautiful watercolour of High Blantyre about the 1930’s, hanging in pride of place in my living room here in Bedford, I love looking at it.
Tracey McDougall: That tree is still there!
Ian McQuade: Never mind all that what about the tree cut to look like a T Rex that’s awesome !!
Annie Murdoch Anderson Black: Thank you, I remember this when I lived in Blantyre.
Robert Cairney: Well said Len. ma wee granda’s garden was spotless. I remember begging him to make a hole in it so a could practice ma putting lol


Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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