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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

High Blantyre

Thomson’s Licensed Grocery Shop

Hunthill Road

Looks like Gala Day… See the bunting?

The building on the left still stands today.

Betty McGaulley wants to know who’s motor that is!!!
She thinks it is Nurse McGee’s.

I think it is Dr Cowan-Wilson’s as he was the first to have a car in Blantyre.

Hunthill Road 2008.

Same view with building on the left still standing. The right hand side has been completely rebuilt.

 Hunthill Road 2008
 Mr Thomson

Hi Bill,

Congratulations on your website it is really wonderful and so much information.

My name is Nancy Murphy (Boyd), I lived in Stonefield Crescent until I emigrated to Australia in 1972. (Now in Canada)

I have attached some photos of Thomson’s Licensed Grocery Shop that used to be in Hunthill Road.

Keep up the good work.

Best Wishes, Nancy

N.B. from Bill:  Nancy was in my Class at Calder Street.

Nancy Murphy: Yes, we were at Calder Street in the same class. I was friends with Mary Dodd (Kay) & Mathilda Fulston who lived in the same building as Willie Thomson’s shop. I remember a skit we put on for a school concert “Seven little girls sitting in the back seat” and it was you in the back seat and Chic was driving the cardboard car that we had made.

Blantyre’s Ain: Thanks for the memories Nancy, Mary is a great supporter of my website and I remember Mathilda very well.

Jist nip ‘roon the back shoap fur a wee hauf…

Willie Thomson

Alan Baird wrote: “Thats a photo of Wully Tamson , he used tae drink in the Doon Inn , he would bring his collie dog called Jock in along wi him many including myself would give the dog crisps , Wullys back shop was quite famous to those and such who needed a hair of the dog I’m led to believe”

Shona Preston wrote:  The back shop on sundays was a well known watering hole. Willie was a church elder and after church would open up the back shop to regulars. I was often sent by my gran to “collect ” my uncle from the shop when she reckoned it was time out. Many a laugh then.

Willie Thomson
 Potato Delivery at Thompson's

Potato Delivery at Thomson’s

Hunthill Road Off Licence

Carolyn Patterson: omg my mum used to work there in the 70;s loading the trucks 10kg bags at a time !!!

This is Robert Thomson’s Off Licence taken in 1950. Photo by P. Veverka  Thompson's Off Licence - Hunthill Road

Your Social Comments:

Margo Haughen: As a 17 year old, I used to drop my dad off, then wait outside Willie Tamson’s to give my him a lift home. The men met in the back shop, (Peter Stewart- known to us as uncle Peter was always one of them), had their fill of “Haufs”. I’d get a Mars bar… those really were the days!
Alan Baird: I ay mind of Wullie Tamson’s shop ye got a cairy oot at any time and he had a black n white collie dug cawed Jock.
George Hay: Yeh remember Wullie Tamsons, was too young for the carry oot though lol! We had a Mr Baird as janitor at the primary, any relation?
Nancy Murphy: Great memories Bill. Willie used to live above the shop with his parents. Willie was best man at my mum and dad’s wedding. We had lots of New Year parties at the Thomson’s with a plentiful supply of booze. Willie used to always sing Rowan Tree at New Year.
Charlie McQuade: I used to see them going in as a boy in high Blantyre.
Annie Black: I used to go there for my Grampa’s whisky when I lived in old prefabs in 5 Watson Street, High Blantyre, I am choking up now because I get terribly home sick as I live in London.
Alan Baird: We are all the same Annie take us oot of Blantyre and we are lost.
Rita Calder: Remember going with my mum and her handing over her ration book.
Charlie McQuade: The polis drank in back.


If you have any Photos… Send them to Bill

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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