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The keys for the houses Park Crescent

George Park wrote:

The keys for the houses Park CrescentHi Bill, I just thought this attachment might be of interest to some of your site visitors. The keys for the houses in Park Crescent, High Blantyre, were issued in 1933. The list shows all tenants from 1933 through to 1980, when the list was compiled. Several of the original tenants had moved from condemned properties in Broompark Road where sanitation was almost non-existent.


In July and August 1933, the keys for new housing at Park Crescent were issued and the fortunate families allocated a house, and there successors through to 1980 are as follows,…….

No 1 1st. John and W Dunn, 2nd, Mr and Mrs John Baird.
No 3 1st. H Smith, 2nd , Hugh Gibson.
No 5 1st, M McGovern, J Crawford.
No 7 1st, M McGuiness, 2nd, Mary Duffy, 3rd, Polockus, 4th C. Berry, W Miller.
No 9 1st, W McConnell, 2nd, D Dickson,
No 11 1st, R Forrest, 2nd, McNulty.
No 13 1st, J Berry, 2nd, M Scullion, 3rd, R Brown.
No 15 1st, C Berry (no relation to the Berry at 13) 2nd, W Gilmour, 3rd, McGoldrick, 4th, Reid, 5th, Sneddon, 6th, McCaskie.
No 17 1st, J Scott, 2nd, W McIlwraith, 3rd, Sorbie, 4th, Spiers, 5th, Fury, 6th, Stark.
No 19 1st, R Kelly, 2nd McInnes
No 21 1st, A McIntyre, 2nd, T Erskine, 3rd, 4th,W Erskine, 5th. Wands, 6th, N Bell.
No 23 1st, Sommerville, 2nd, Higgins, 3rd, J Murdoch, 4th,Brown.
No 25 1st, Patterson, 2nd, Musgrove, 3rd, Hendry, 4th Clark,
No 27 1st, Slavinsky, 2nd, Mengus, 3rd, Braidwood.
N0 29 1st, Reynolds, 2nd, J Morrison, 3rd, H Hunter, 4th, Rev R Shaw, 5th, Douglas.
No 31 1st, McGill, 2nd, McKerrell, 3rd, J Wilson.

On the opposite side of the crescent, tenants were,

No 10, 1st W Hunter, 2nd, J Morrison, 3rd, S Allison.
No 12 1st, J McArdle, succeeded by his wife and then his son.
No 14 1st, J Liddle, 2nd, H Clark, 3rd, Elspeth Gilmour (Allison)
No 16 1st, E Jaap, 2nd, S McDermot, 3rd, McClinton.
No 18 1st, J Hull, 2nd, Rodgers,
No 20 1st, Hendry, 2nd, J McCudden,
No 22 1st, D Clements.
No 24 1st, Scanlon, 2nd, Milvaney, 3rd, Wilson succeeded by the Wilson sisters.
No 26 1st, Jardine.
No 28 1st, D McNeil, 2nd, Laird, 3rd, Glen, 4th, Allen.
No 30 1st, McMillan, 2nd, McCreadie.
No 32 1st, W Gilmour, 2nd, Taylor, 3rd, Farquhar.

Orchardhead, I believe was re-numbered 2 Park Crescent. It is believed that the council hoped to purchase some of the large garden which would have allowed them to build numbers 4, 6, and 8  Orchardhead

 Your Social Comments:

Lon McIlwraith: My grandfather Wullie McIlwraith came back from America in the late thirties, and he is the 2nd tenant at #17 on this list. George (or Bill), do you have any information on the dates when tenants moved in?
Margaret Elma Griffin: My Auntie Jean and Uncle Sammy Rodgers lived at 18 after moving from Broompark Road.
Kenny Weir: Gibson’s at no 3, my mam’s uncle and auntie.
Carole Mackie Rickard: My great grandparents were the Lairds at no. 28, I believe they moved there from Hardie Street in the early 40’s.

Sadie Dolan: My sister now stays at 16 Park Crescent. X

Christine Brown: Scanlon that was my hubby’s gran.


If you have any Photos… Send them to Bill

Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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