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Hunthill Road

 Hunthill Road at the junction of Watson Street looking North. Hunthill Road at the junction of Watson Street looking North. The tenement building was known as ‘Braehead.’

Hunthill Road 1930

Changed quite a bit since the 30’s. The house on the curve with its dormer windows, is the Weaver’s Gallery. The shrubs on the left were replaced by modern cottage buildings and fencing some time around the 1930’s.

Hunthill Road 1930
 Hunthill Road Hunthill Road

Hunthill RoadHunthill Road c1900. Gas Lamp, Thatched Roofs and dirt road. Looks like a coal delivery where the group are gathered.

I wonder what they are talking about, asks Betty McGauley

Stevie Fletcher wrote: “The cottage with the main door & window both sides to the right of the lamp post, which is still there, is 43 Hunthill Road, & is now detached, the house with the 2 dormers is 35 Hunthill Rd, where the bunch of auld dears are is now the drive to 39 Hunthill Road, ma hoose, I think the row of cottages date back to 1700s.

The thatched roofs disappeared, when a spark from a coal fire steam engine cart went by & set the roofs on fire, as told by J Russell from No 35, The Russell family have lived up here for generations.”

Your Social Comments:

Len Northfield: The Russell house was my uncle John Aitkenhead’s. I’m related to the Russell’s via him.
Stevie Fletcher 4 of the houses are still their Weaver’s, Duffy, McTaggart, Russell.
Graham Jones: My wife Jeanie Hunter and two of her siblings Elizabeth (Betty) and James were born in the house behind the brick wall on the right. Her Grandparents Elizabeth and James Hunter lived there. No 49.
Stevie Fletcher: Len I heard John Russell speak of the Aitkenhead’s, were they the butchers in Blantyre, or even a famous footballer.
Len Northfield: That’s right, my granddad owned the slaughterhouse down by the park, and Johnny Aitkenhead, my mum’s cousin, played for Hibs and Motherwell. John Aitkenhead. I’m related to the Russells via him.

With thanks for the kind permission of Rhona Wilson and Richard Stenlake Publishers to publish photos from the book, “Old Blantyre“.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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