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Opposite Watson Street on Broompark Road was a building of some considerable history since the 1870’s. The Alhambra Theatre, owned by Mr John Taylor,  gave two nightly performances until it closed in 1886. Following its closure, the building was used as a boxing booth until 1909 when it was taken over by Lawson’s Bakery, who converted the building to accommodate the bakery. The bakery changed hands a couple of times, firstly to Ingram’s Bakery and then to Eddie Collins Bakery, who will still be remembered by the seniors amongst us.

The site then became a Supermarket before being the Manhattan Bar in the early eighties, then Finbars, The Larkfield and now John Carrigan’s Pub and Restaurant.  Carrigans 2016

Your Social Comments:

John Cornfield: I delivered milk to the bakery with Sandy Wilkie on the night run many moons ago. I remember Wullie Collins and his younger brother who’s name escapes me at the moment much to my shame. Getting the Manhattan built in the early eighties it was class lol
Carolyn Patterson: We used to get oor rolls fresh every morning from the bakery, loved them, great memories.
Irene Berry Milligan: Eddie was my uncle. I have lots of lovely memories of the bakery and also the cake shop they had next to the Broadway. Sadly, uncle Eddie died a few years ago and aunt Annie lives in Hamilton.
Angela Smith: Eddie Collins
Margaret Giffen: When I was at school it was Collin’s supermarket x
Marion Smith: My dad worked in the bakery.
Paul Hudson McGowan: I remember the Bakery and the wee shop very well too. If memory serves me I was there every morning through the week for my rolls. At a later point Eddie, the proprietor at that time, moved into the house right opposite at the bottom of Watson Street. There was Eddie, Annie and their young teenage son also Eddie.
Daniel Anderson: First ever Karaoke I went to about 20 yrs ago: old Manhattan, diffrent class
Mandi Mccue: The Manhattan was a great pub x
Stephen Morrison: Brill pub !! The old days lol
Jean Gibson: Best rolls ever!
Alan Baird: I was never out of there at one point, I loved the place, the people and the pints, not to mention all the bar staff too, auld Ed, young Ed and Wully too , then the girls, aw ma buddies Gav, Coke McKie, Minto Mcinally, alas some of them now passed away and others out of touch. I don’t drink now but in they days I had a ball.
Elizabeth Dobson Grieve: Was always a pub to me.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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