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The Larkfield Bar

 Larkfield Bar from rear of Danskins The Larkfield Bar – Broompark Road. (not to be confused with The Larkfield Bar across the road). Originally known as The McTavish Inn, seen here in the background tenement from rear of Danskin’s shop on the corner of Stonefield Road and Broompark Road, photographed in 1938.
The tenement was demolished rebuilt further back as a single story unit, originally with a flat roof, and known as Papa Frank’s and now known as The Doon Inn. The Doon Inn

Willie Thomson

Alan Baird wrote: “Thats a photo of Wully Tamson , he used tae drink in the Doon Inn , he would bring his collie dog called Jock in along wi him many including myself would give the dog crisps , Wully’s back shop was quite famous to those and such who needed a hair of the dog I’m led to believe”

Shona Preston wrote:  The back shop on sundays was a well known watering hole. Willie was a church elder and after church would open up the back shop to regulars. I was often sent by my gran to “collect ” my uncle from the shop when she reckoned it was time out. Many a laugh then.

Your Comments:

Terry Hughes: First Pub I bought my very 1st Pint in.
Maureen Friery Moran: This was our ‘local’ before moving to Canada!
Alex Orr: Was in last night with friends, good night, good pub.
Margo Haughen: We’ll be there later tonight. Also have been quizzing there for many years.
Fiona Allen: Aww, spent most of my youth in Papa Franks x
Elizabeth Dobson Grieve: Now thats a place I’ve never been in. Makes a change… lol
Paul Hudson McGowan: I remember it with the flat roof as the Doon Inn.


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Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

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